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Harlequin Nature Graphics is founded on the principle that displaying wildlife graphics on the things we wear serves to remind us all that these beautiful creatures are an essential part of the world in which we live. Harlequin Nature Graphics also believes that helping to save the natural world helps us to save ourselves.

Our goal is to work with like-minded businesses and persons to help raise awareness of nature and wildlife. By depicting our fellow inhabitants of this planet we hope to draw attention to their beauty and the danger they face because of us. We do this, not just by selling t-shirts, but also by contributing to numerous wildlife organizations. It is our responsibility and duty to protect these creatures and the land they inhabit.

Through Harlequin (or by ourselves directly) we support and donate to the following organizations:


We believe we are presenting to you the finest wildlife art on a garment available and our artists take great pride their work. We hope you like our designs.

More than just a t-shirt company!

Why do we say we are more than just a t-shirt company?

Mostly because of our philosophy and because of the people behind Harlequin. Our artists love to draw our wildlife designs because it is what they are passionate about and it shows in their art. Our customers that we make these designs for, are also passionate about the wildlife around us and they want tell the world.

We use t-shirts that are made in Canada, the United States and Mexico and we do everything we can to ensure no sweat shops are used in the manufacturing of our shirts. We use water based dyes to screen print our designs. Our designs may outlast the shirt itself and I have seen plenty of you wearing designs of ours that have not been printed for over 15 years. I think that is pretty cool, but feel free to buy a new design.

Recycling is important to us so our office and warehouse recycles all of our paper and cardboard and anything else we can. We also use as many recycled goods as possible. For those of you that want to wear 100% Organic T-shirts, we offer them to you in some of our designs. Our goal is to have as tiny a footprint as possible and give you what you want.

Here’s to the good nature in all of us,

Sherry & Kevin Clancy

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