about our community

Giving back to the community is an important part of the culture on Vancouver Island. Whether it is warm clothing to help people in need or donations to a local school or our Cowichan Bay Fire Fighters, we give back in order to be good citizens in our own community.

We offer special pricing for non-profit ogranisations that require our services. It feels especially good to help those that give back.

We also believe strongly in supporting groups and organizations that help protect wildlife and their habitats, wherever those habitats may be. And there are so many organizations that need support! We encourage everyone to find wildlife and nature groups they feel a connection with and support them.

We donate $2 from every item purchased online.

who we support and why

nature conservancy of canada

Nature Conservancy works to protect areas of land and water that sup- port wildlife, because without habitats, none of the critters can survive.

ROB stewart sharkwater foundation

The top of the food chain in the ocean, sharks are universally feared and slaughtered, yet are so crucial to maintaining a balanced eco-system.

Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

O.W.L. is a British Columbia organization that helps foster orphaned or displaced birds of prey for rehabilitation and release into the wild. Birds of prey at O.W.L. come mainly from B.C. but also from across Canada and the U.S.

Pacific Northwest Raptor Centre

Located on Vancouver Island, not far from our own HNG facility, PNW Raptors Centre aim to raise awareness for birds of prey and promote conservation through education and wildlife-management programs.

North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

A Vancouver Island organization, NIWRA is a park-like rehabilitation facility specializing in raptors and black bears that have been injured or orphaned.