Made to order - Minimum 144 garments per design

Can be mixed sizes, colours, and garments.

Pricing is based on current catalogue pricing.


Terrible Twos (TETW)

Big Game Hunter (BGME)

Brothers (BROS) Eyes of the Wolf (EWOL)

Hidden Danger (HIDE)

Wolf Pack (WOPA) Fiery Sunset (FSUN) High Country Cougar (HICO)

Cougar Prowl (COPR)

Owl Collage (OCLG) Eagle Silhouette (ESIL) Fishing Lesson (FILE)
Grizzly Pass (PASS) Grizzly Power (GRPO) Shadow Polar Bear (SHPB) Elk Call (ELKC)
Hooked (HOOK) Got Nuts (NUTS) Polar Hug (POHU) Polar Lights (POLI)
Where Are We (WAWE)

Double Eagle (DOEA)

Double Wolf (DOWO)

Forest Babies (FOBA)

Moonlit Collage (MCOL)

Ghost Bear (GBEA)

Ghost Rider (GHRI)

Loon (LOON)

Prairie Thunder (PRTH)

First Outing (FRST)

Inukshuk Caribou (INUK)

Totem Mystics (TOMY)

Wolf Trouble (WTRB)

Wolf Reflections (WORE)

Whazzup (WZUP)

First Outing (FRST)

Ladybug (LADY)

Morpho Glitter (MOGL)

Neon Butterfly (NEBU) Songbird (SONG)

Wolf Silhouette (WSIL)

 Bull Moose Charge (BMCH)

 Hummingbird Buffet (HUBU)



White Lion Pair (WHLP)

Going to School (GSCH)

Cubbies (CUBB)

Morning Greeting (MGRE)

Tiger Reflections (TIRE)

Climbing Game (CGAM)

Tiger Trouble (TITR)

Tiger Cubs (TCUB)

Tiger Portrait (TPOR)

Cheetah Elements (CHEELE)

Cheetah Cubs (CHCU)

The Protector (PRCT)

Jungle Love (JNGL)

Giraffe Cuddle (GICU)

Mother & Baby (MBAB)

Charmer (CHRM)

Gorilla Trio (GORR)

Chimp Trio (CHMP)

Red Panda Totem (TRPAN)

Red Panda (REDP)

Zebra Portrait (ZEPO)

Red Eyes (REEY)

Black Rhino



Belugas (BLGA)

Deep Sea Diver

Dreaming (DRMN)

Family Outing (FAOU)

Slept With The Fishes (SLPT)

 Left Chest Orca (LCOR)

Otter & Urchin (OTUR)

Otter Trouble (OTRB)

Stingray (STNG)

Affects Us All (AFFA)





Mammoth (MAMM)


Rex Rip (REXR)

T-Rex King (TYKI)

T-Rex Babies (TRBA)

Tonal T-Rex (TTRX)

Cool Dinos (CODI)

Dino Babes (DIBA)

Dino Rumble (DIRU)

I Sea Monsters (ISEA)

Ichthyosaurus (ICBO)